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This Thursday April 17, 2014 at 9am.  In Warwick, RI

Do you know anyone that is making $1 MILLION a year, 100% Online?  I do!

Chances are your website was never designed to be profitable. Probably was not designed to attract the “right” visitors and then convert those visitors to customers. I guarantee this 90 minute seminar will change all that…  Our 10 point website health checklist and Online Profitability Blueprint will uncover WHY your website is not generating leads, customers and cash! And, more importantly, WHY some of your Best prospects Can ONLY be found online..

Is increasing your profits and opportunities important to you ? Then check out details of this upcoming seminar this Thursday morning below..During this 90 minute session you will discover what your specific website is missing with your own ten-point website health checklist you will create and take home to immediately implement. Here are just a few of the invaluable pieces you take away from this session are:
- WHY your website is NOT receiving highly targeted, highly relevant visitors
- WHY you are losing visitors/customers once they do find your website
- The #1 website tool that could double-triple your income
- A completed personalized Ten Point Website Checklist that you will take home and implement immediately!
Kevin Conway
Cutting Edge eMarketing


Online Reputation Management (ORM)

“The Unknown Assassin”

Do You Know What People are Saying about YOU Online, Right Now?

How Vulnerable Are You?

The internet is inundated with consumer review sites where anyone can post a comment (both positive and negative) about you and/or your business.  And more importantly,  many of these online reviews are highly ranked by Google.  Hence,  when someone researches your brand or business name, these reviews often appear on the highly critical First page of Google results for all the world to see.    Furthermore, many of these online complaints about businesses and people are not even real, but for the purpose of retaliation and other vindictive reasons.  Sadly, these “fake” reviews are quite harmful both personally and professionally and often wreak havoc on someone’s life.  As a matter of fact, you probably know someone who has been violated online… maybe even you!

“Real Life”….
An esteemed cardiologist is criminally charged with sexual misconduct. He is arrested, booked and formally charged.  The medical partnership he practices asks for his resignation.  The media eats him up, his family is humiliated and his 30 year career is destroyed.   The doctor is found completely innocent by a jury and it is disclosed that the person who filed the suit had perpetrated the same smear tactics ten years prior on another doctor.  The court expunges his record and no evidence of this nightmare exists – except online.   The news stories remain, the blogs that take cheap shots still show up when his name is searched.  Everything is there and it will be for twenty years.  The doctor finally decided to walk away from his 30 year medical career and change vocations.    This is a true story from “Violated Online” by Steven Wyer.   And, this can happen to ANY person or business, particularly today with the internet and the ability to post anything true or false, “anonymously”.

People ask me why I got into Online Reputation Management (ORM) also referred to as Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM).   My response is, “because it happened to me”.  You see, I know firsthand the destruction an online slanderous comment or review can cause and leave in its wake. Yes, I was one of the many business owners who choose to remain oblivious to the dangers waiting and lurking online.  Hence, I never thought or cared about ORM until the ceiling came crashing down on top of me.  I use to live my life believing honesty and standing up to fraud and crime was a rewarding path to follow.  Unfortunately it does not work that way anymore.   Because now those very fraudulent, criminal characters that threaten our safe way of life have found a device to retaliate and intimidate those who try to protect others from their illicit activity. A device called the internet.   You see today anyone with intent to be malicious against a person or business can login anonymously to one of hundreds of complaint websites and publish a completely, 100% fabricated complaint about you and/or your business.  And, you cannot get it removed unless you pay a huge ransom. Read the rest of this entry

Is Your Website Leaking
Traffic, Leads and Revenue ?

Your website is your business’s most critical marketing asset. But here’s the’s leaking traffic, leads and revenue right now. What can you do about it?

The days of needing only ONE website with just your company information are long gone.   Today with over 90 percent of consumers  searching Online for your products and services, your website must be able to engage them immediately (within 3 seconds actually) or they are gone forever.   And when your website cannot be found and/or is not capable of capturing a site visitor’s information, it is your competition that benefits when THEIR website IS designed to engage that consumer.

That’s why today’s most successful businesses have moved to “Niche based” websites.   Niche websites are designed for a specific product, service or strategy.   Take a look at our Lead Generation site below which is specifically designed to turn kitchen remodeling prospects into hot leads.

Kitchen Remodeling Lead Generation Site – SEE DEMO HERE

Let’s use the Kitchen Remodeling Industry as an example.

Most business owners think their website is just fine and fulfilling its purpose.   Yet most websites are designed like a brochure and don’t engage valuable website traffic/visitors.  And, what I have found most business owners don’t realize is that their website is their #1 asset, with the potential to double, triple or more, their business revenues.

What is the #1 Thing Your Website is NOT Doing?
Answer: Generating Leads AND Making Money!

If You Already have a website for your business, THIS IS FOR YOU!

DON’T Replace your existing website. DOUBLE Your Exposure !

DON’T Replace your existing website. Add a Second site that IS Designed to Generate INCOME.   And, most importantly DOUBLE your online exposure, hence TWICE as likely you will GET FOUND online.

Take a look at an example and compare to your existing site:

A Search in the online Yellow Pages for “Kitchen re-modelers” in the Boston area results in 450 recommendations.   Wow, 450 Kitchen Contractors in the Boston Area! I was quite surprised.   But, regardless if the number is exactly 450, the competition is unquestionably intense. And, did you know that every month there are about 1200 searches for “kitchen remodeling”.  But, your website is not getting any of these potential clients.   Your competition with their specifically designed “lead generation” website is getting most of this massive online business.   Here is what you can do to change that:
1). About 90% of consumers looking for a kitchen remodeling contractor start their search Online.
2). Your website may look beautiful, however it is NOT cutting it. WHY?
3). Your website was Never designed to capture these targeted “kitchen consumer” leads online.
4). It’s time to inject some life in your company’s online presence
5).  Do NOT replace your current website.    Just supplement your online real estate with an updated “Lead Generation” website.  It is like adding a second salesman with far superior skills.
6).  By keeping both websites you will be able to compare and measure the difference in performance of both sites.  Expect the “Lead Generation” site to dramatically outperform your old site.
7). You have probably already checked out our “Kitchen Remodeling Lead Generation” website site above.  Can you see how it is different from your existing site and why this website would dramatically outperform your site?
8). Notice the Call to Action, lead capture system and contact info all ABOVE the FOLD (your website visitor doesn’t have to even scroll down the site, he/she sees these “elements of engagement” immediately).   REMEMBER, you have about THREE SECONDS to Capture and keep your site visitor’s attention or you have lost them forever.
9). Also, today you must have a Mobile version of your website as over 50% of consumers are researching their kitchen remodeling needs from a mobile phone.
10). Use the power of video to engage your site visitors/potential customers. * If you’re NOT using video testimonials on your website, your leaving HUGE opportunities on the table.

Does your website automatically switch to a mobile version
for smartphone consumers?

Your current website may look beautiful. However, our websites are specifically designed to make money for any Kitchen Remodeling or Design business, including sub-categories like cabinet work or kitchen appliances.  Take a look at our “Lead Generation” website and see why it might substantially grow your business by supplementing (Not replacing) your current online assets.  And take a look at what this  “Lead Generation” website has to offer.

1). Built in MOBILE READY VERSION.   You have probably have heard or been told too many times how every business needs a mobile version of their website.  Well, no need to pay an extra $1000 to design a mobile version.  This site already has it built in.  Just type this website address into your mobile phone and watch the website automatically detect your phone and load the mobile version.  Compare that to trying to read your current website on a iPhone or Android.   Most ers will not even try to read your regular website on their phone, they’ll just try another website until they find a mobile friendly version.
2). QR Codes setup for this site.   Add it to all your print material including business cards, flyers, all advertising
3). State of the art Lead Generation at top of page
4). Site specifically designed to motivate all visitors to leave their contact info.
5). A proven “Lead Generation” system to supplement (not replace) your existing website.
6). Already Optimized for Google, Bing and other search engines so you GET FOUND by consumers searching online for you or your competitors.
7).  Additional Online Real Estate=More Exposure=More Chance of “getting found”=Business & Revenue Growth… Online Success starts with “getting found” by your potential customers.  Without maximizing your online exposure so you can “be found”, you’re dead in the water.
8). Included is a valuable domain name specifically created with HOT keywords that consumers are using in their “Google search” for Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for anyone searching online (either home computer, laptop or mobile phone) in your specific area.  The domain see you for our demo above is designed to capture prospects in the Boston area.    We can do the same for ANY city.

9). COST?  Most likely a Fraction of what you paid someone to build your existing website.

CALL Or EMAIL US Today for a Free Demo.  888-499-8112 or email

Or send us a message via the Contact Us link above

They may be the 21st century’s snake oil salesmen.  The SEO (search engine optimization) Guy.  If you own an online business, particularly an e-commerce retail business, you most likely get about 10-20 SPAM  emails a week from someone trying to sell you his/her SEO services. AND, 90% of the time they come from one of the Free, anonymous emails like Yahoo or Gmail.  Rarely do I get SEO solicitation Spam from a legitimate domain based email that is associated with a business.

But, before I get started, a disclaimer.  I no longer do SEO for clients, only for my own ecommerce businesses.   That said here we go….

When I created my first e-commerce business in 1996 I had no choice but to learn the In’s and Out’s of search engine optimization (SEO).   Google didn’t even exist back then.  There was Excite and Lycos and the e-commerce world was even more dependent on search engine placement.   NO twitter, no facebook, no social media to speak of. You couldn’t find anyone locally who knew what SEO was, never mind much knowledge about it.

Today it seems everybody is an SEO expert, adding it to their portfolio of services.   And, what is more startling than the quantity of SEO consultants, is the quality or total lack of.   Let me explain.  I am amazed how many SEO’s I meet that acquire a lot of business,  but are close to clueless about the “value” they are really providing their clients.   Case in point.  I attended a meeting of entrepreneurs and was sitting next to a man that introduced himself as a Systems Consultant. I wasn’t sure what that meant.   After I gave him my pitch mentioning I use to do SEO for clients, but no longer, he said, “I do SEO, we are SEO consultants”.  Of course I was intrigued so he continued on, stating that he charges his clients $250 a month to get them on the first page of Google (which is cheap as many of these outfits charge thousands a month with similar results).  My first question was “for what?” He then showed me a term his client was now listed on page one of Google for.    I thought my eyesight was failing me again, but in reality I did not even know what this term was.  So I asked him what the keyword volume was ? He looked at me like I had a third eye popping out of my forehead.  “What do you mean” he asked?   I repeated, “what is the monthly search volume for that term you have your client on page one for?”.   He didn’t know. Not only that, but when I asked him how he conducts his keyword research, he was again , lost.   And, it doesn’t get any better.    Then I asked him what tools he uses. No response so I suggested Google Keyword tool. But, he didn’t know what I was referring to.  I would have continued on asking about such metrics as OCI , which signifies the “commercial value” of  a keyword, but we never got that far.   (P.S. If your SEO or online marketing consultant doesn’t know what OCI is, thank him/her and move on to another SEO guy or you’ll be flushing money down the drain). .

Now, if this had been five years ago I would have been shocked. However, the sad reality is the Majority of SEO and Online Marketing Consultants I meet have a level of expertise similar to this individual.   Since SEO has been the buzz word for the past several years everyone wants to get in on the action.  Regardless of their qualifications.     And, with a “desperate” economy, many “consultants’ are trying to be everything to everybody.

And, the worse part of this scenario is the client doesn’t know any better. The consultant shows a client they are on page one of Google for “monkey dung” and they are thrilled to be on page one.  Even though no one in the universe (except maybe monkeys)  is searching for or typing in Google, “monkey dung”. It reminds me of a BNI meeting I went to a few years ago.  After the meeting TWO business owners both came up to me and said “I am already #1 on Google”.  I asked for what?  The first woman said for “Cindy’s Home Garden’s” and the other said for “Karen Swartz Business Consultant”.   I could only respond with “congratulations”.  Why, I thought, should I ruin their parade.  But silently I  asked them, “exactly how many people do you think typed in “Cindy’s Home garden’s”  or “Karen Swartz Business Consultant last month”?   The answer was surely zero.

Next time you are approached by an online consultant, instead of asking them what their certifications are (because most certifications are nothing more than taking an online exam), ask them to show you THEIR e-commerce business.   I mean if they have not been successful online and created their own web based business, how in the world are they suppose to show you how to do it?  Then interview them.   Ask them the following questions:

1). Can I see your e-commerce site? (NOT their consulting site)
2). What is the monthly volume for my search term(s)
3). What is the “commercial value” of that keyword
4). How is the keyword “trending” i.e. up or down
5). How long do you guarantee I will be on page one for that keyword
6).  Tell me exactly HOW you are going to get my website on page one?
- You want to weed out spammy tactics that could get your site completely BANNED by Google &
7).  What do you need from me to optimize my site?
8). How many other SEO clients do you have and can you provide references?
9). How are the spammers doing it?
- if he can’t answer this, Pass.
10).  How do you measure performance? (HINT: if you don’t hear the word “Analytics” forget it).
11). Why should I hire you over the Ga-Zilion other SEO consultants out there?

And good luck out there in the world wide cyber jungle.

Kevin Conway is owner of Cutting Edge eMarketing & Conway’s Vintage Treasures

BEWARE of Latest Scams to Access Your Bank Account!!

Have you ever received an email from what appears to be PayPal or your bank asking you to “verify your account information”? Well, it may be legitimate.  On the other hand, it may also be a fraudulent attempt to get access to your personal and/or financial information.  Today it is more important than ever to recognize and avoid getting trapped by these fake phishing emails and not disclose your personal information, bank account or credit card details to unknown or suspicious looking sources.  These unfamiliar sources may be trying to harvest private information via fake websites, links and emails.

This type of online scam is growing and has become an aggressive identity and financial theft tactic. . The risks seem to be multiplying. For example, with the majority of the population spending a large percentage of their time on computers and Smartphone’s this fraudulent activity is increasing in volume, frequency and sophistication with no slowdown in sight. .  See video at bottom for Real Case demo

Last week I wrote a piece for my marketing clients about how to protect themselves from online criminal predators that are always coming up with new, creative schemes to get into your bank account.   This dismal reality reared its ugly head again last week with an email I got from PayPal (supposedly). This “fake” email stated that I had not responded to their request to verify my account and which about to be suspended. Very convincing.  However, I’ve been online for about 20 years now, since the early days of the internet and these scams are all too familiar.  Ebay use to be a “safe haven” for these online predators before eBay removed the ability to contact other members directly. There were so many scams going on eBay up until a few years ago, you couldn’t keep track of them.   However, online criminals have plenty of opportunities, in other channels, to capture your personal information.  Most of these online scams have very similar “fingerprints”. For example, here are some of the things to look for when you get an email with an air of suspicion claiming to be your bank or other company you use to manage your financial assets such as PayPal or Google Checkout.

1). These emails are usually very aggressive using scare tactics like:
- If we don’t hear from you than (a threat will follow)
- In order to safeguard your account, we require that you confirm your banking details
2). They don’t use your Real name. They refer to your email or business name
3). The web address has a “hidden” flaw (see the video for this)
4). The recipient email is fake or has a mistake
5). Watch the video for actual true case study example.

Below is a short 4 minute video I created for You showing a real life case study and details of what to look for in a fraudulent email. In this video I show you the exact email I received last week in an attempt to “steal” my personal and financial information. It may be the most valuable four minutes of your day. NO sales, No hype, just a few critical things to watch for. See video Below.

Meanwhile, this growing dilemma doesn’t discriminate.  Anyone who orders anything online or does online banking is a target for this new age of internet crime.  Hence, I believe this is such an important topic, especially during this peek holiday online shopping season for the majority of the population I have sent it to all our customers. Critical information that could save you from a serious financial threat or outright identity theft. (To see video below in Full Screen just run your mouse to the lower right corner with the 4 arrows and click, will open video in full screen).

Kevin Conway is the owner of Cutting Edge eMarketing & Conway’s Vintage Treasures (

The reasons to start an online business as either a new venture or to supplement an existing business are endless. But in this new video , a promo for the upcoming “How to Start a Successful Online Business” on July 26 in Canton, MA, I highlight the top five.

Check it out:

You may remember Mr. TooManyHats, a busy man who suffers subscriber fatigue. His wife, Mrs. TooManyHats, has the same problem. She has so many emails, she doesn’t know what to do.  About 20 times a day they get an email offering some free webinar or report if they just Register.  Ah, no problem its free, right? 

But, when he gets this, he changes his mind 

Would You Fill Out This Form? 

American Marketing Association (AMA) Webinar Opt In Form

About once a week I get an email from the American Marketing Association (AMA) about an upcoming webinar or event.  Like most businesses they offer a free service (i.e. webinar) for the purpose of building their “list”.  You have all heard “the money is in the list”.   Many of their webinars are very enticing to me.  And, probably at least five times I have hit the Registration button.  But, when the above form pops up and requires me to fill in 21 fields of information, I terminate the signup.  As a result,  I (and most likely thousands of others) have never attended an AMA webinar.   Am I missing something good?  Probably, but remember I am Mr TooManyHats, and I don’t have ten minutes to spend filling out one of the 10 daily invitations I get to a webinar.  I don’t even have enough time to read all my emails. Instead I watch about five other webinars each week.   Webinars that only asked for my first name and email.

There is probably no more valuable asset to an online business than their “list”.  And to build a large, quality list of highly targeted consumers, who specifically gave you permission to market your product or service to them, is a lot of work.    So how could , of all organizations, the AMA appear to be oblivious about the rules of  proper email opt-in etiquette?   You force us to fill out TWENTY-ONE fields of information to attend your webinar?  Are you serious? 

There have been countless split tests demonstrating that when a  potential opt-in has to fill out more than two fields of information (i.e. name and email) the signup abandonment rates begins to skyrocket.   The AMA form requires 21 fields of information including address, zip code, job title, blah, blah , blah.  Can you imagine how many potential AMA members they are losing.  My guess? About 90% at least are terminating their registration.  Why would the AMA (or any other initial online marketing campaign) need my zip code or street address or my title?  If you need that info, get it later.  But, don’t scare off 90% of your prospects just to be greedy or employ aggressive data mining tactics before you even say “hello”. . 

Here are just a few things to consider when creating and employing your email campaign.
1).  Offer a lot and ask little (as little as possible)
2). Provide something of value for free
3). Make sure your “freebie” encourages engagement
4). Reduce (not increase) anxiety with Un-complicated signup forms.
5). Only make name and email mandatory, other fields make optional
6). Always follow-up with a welcome message and/or auto responder.

Kevin Conway is owner of Cutting Edge eMarketing which provides proven online marketing strategies.  We are not just consultants but business owners that have actually created and managed several successful e-commerce businesses.

BTW, Kevin loves the AMA, great organization. He just hates their opt in forms.

I cannot help but use the Border’s  recent bankruptcy to highlight a continuing mentality in the corporate and even small business world.   Yesterday I was reading in my major news announcements the story of Border’s demise which has been almost entirely attributed to their “cluelessness”  about the importance of a strong Online Presence.   Yet when I visit Chamber of Commerce events, BNI group meetings, and speak to many business owners its bewildering how many business owners and managers also have “Border-itis” . 

See if this mirrors your own behavior:

Fifteen years ago, Borders superstores dotted the U.S. and seemed to be the future of bookselling. Its sprawling stores, comfortable chairs, cafe and widespread discounts epitomized the “bigger is better” retail philosophy that spelled the end of many mom-and-pop bookstores that couldn’t compete on selection or price.  It seems Borders executives got way to comfortable in those cushy chairs, never taking the online revolution seriously.

In 1995 Amazon was launched. It was not long before it became evident that the book retail industry was in the early stages of a major revolution and book buying was making a major transition to the online space. Two years later Barnes & Noble management had the intuition to see that a strong online presence was no longer an option but an absolute necessity to their survival and any chance of competing with Amazon 5 or 10 years down the road.

Unfortunately Borders didn’t have the same talent running the ship. It was not until 2001 that Borders even dipped their toes in the online arena. But, even then they made a fatal decision. Instead of developing their own online empire they contracted with Amazon to run their ecommerce business.  The problem was Amazon was never that motivated to sell books for Borders.

And, incredulously, they continued that “dead” relationship with Amazon until 2007, when they finally launched their own ecommerce site.  Unfortunately way beyond too late and ten Years AFTER their #1 competitor Barnes and Noble.

Where are you with your online business?  Does at least HALF of your revenue come from your online assets?  Or are you suffering from Border-it is?

Do You often ask yourself, “How can I make my Website Profitable?”

The “Online Profitability Blueprint” answers that exact question – With our 20 Point Web Site MUST HAVES Checklist.  Checkout the Video. .

The Online Profitability Blueprint a custom web site analysis report, laser focuses on your business’s online presence with a detailed analysis that goes through a step by step process to turn your web site into a profit center.

The highlight of this report is a 20 point checklist of the most critical factors that MUST be addressed before a business has any chance of being successful online.   For more details watch the 12 minute video

Introducing LeadGen 2.0

(Free Video).  Whether you need customers, clients or patients, there is no more powerful and direct link to that goal then a well designed and implemented Lead Generation System.  And today your focus MUST be ONLINE.  Particularly when 97% of American internet users use the internet to shop of which 57% characterize their behavior as shop online, purchaseLead Generation Online Marketing offline (NDP Group).

 I realize we all get a lot of Spam emails about buying an SEO service, or a social media system that will get you 10,000 Twitter followers that will increase your profits TEN FOLD (don’t hold your breath),  or some other Hyped up sales pitch like a make money online DVD set for $1995 (which is actually what many sell for).   I know, I get these emails everyday!  

That’s why I am offering a Free eye-opening video on how to create a profitable “auto-pilot” Lead Generation System for your business.   There’s no obligation, just highly valuable information to take back to your marketing manager.

My goal is to remove all the hype, the sales pitch with hidden costs and up-sells.  And, to offer the small-medium size business owner a very affordable solution to generate targeted leads for his/her business.   LeadGen 2.0 is a  system that works NO MATTER WHAT the economic conditions are.  Our LeadGen 2.0 system may be best explained as a “Commerce Funnel”.  Looking at the figure to the right you will notice the goal is to bring in a large volume of prospects into the TOP of the funnel snd guiding them through the web site or landing page until a small percentage of them exit the bottom of the funnel as customers or “qualified” leads.   If you are looking to improve business results, checkout the Free Lead Generation video and see for yourself the power of LeadGen 2.0 -> CLICK HERE .

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